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2017 Advertising Information
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The Power of Local Hydro (Spring 2018)

Caring for Our Communities (Winter 2017/18)

Accelerating Progress: Award-Winning Utilities Hit The Mark ( Fall 2017)

Passion and Ideas Powering Change (Summer 2017)

Smart Grids: The Future Is Now (Spring 2017)

A Different Kind of Hero (Winter 2016/17)

Aiming Higher in the Pursuit of Excellence (Fall 2016)

Pulling Together for the Win (Summer 2016)

A Competitive Edge: Women in the Electricity Sector (Spring 2016)

Building a Culture of Conservation (Winter 2015)

Planning Ontario's Energy Future Today (Fall 2015)

Bold Directions, Bold Achievements: Ontario's Electrical Utilities Demonstrate Leadership with Award-Winning Initiatives (Summer 2015)

The Drive for Innovation: Technology and Ingenuity Fuel Forward Momentum for Ontario Electricity Distributors
 (Spring 2015)

Powering Ontario's Economy: Local Electrical Utilities Support Growing Communities and Competitive Enterprises (Winter 2014/2015)

Lining It Up: Distributor Needs Meet Commercial Member Expertise (Fall 2014)

Crucial Connections: Local Power Companies Build Strong Relationships with Customers, Communities and Employees (Summer 2014)

In the Icy Ice of the Storm (Spring 2014)

The Road to Smart Grid Leadership (Winter 2013/2014)

Conservation: Local Distribution Companies Take to the Streets and Drive Results (Fall 2013)

Finding Efficiencies: From Cutting Edge to Tried-and-True (Summer 2013)

 Rising to the Challenge: Ontario's Local Distribution Companies Solving Challenges with Real Solutions (Spring 2013)

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