Creating a Culture of Conservation

“Ontario’s local distribution companies are showing initiative and innovation in the development and delivery of community-based conservation activities, as well as supporting and delivering province-wide programs. Distributors recognize the importance of substantial and timely conservation measures and are committed to providing their customers with the tools that will help promote a culture of conservation amongst Ontarians. I invite you to learn more about the many contributions that the province’s electricity distributors are making to the creation of a culture of conservation in communities across Ontario.”
Charlie Macaluso
President and CEO, Electricity Distributors Association (EDA)

As the trusted frontline deliverers of conservation programming, distributors are providing the kind of innovative programs and practical tools that are helping their customers conserve and working alongside the Ontario Power Authority to offer a suite of province-wide conservation programs.

Electricity distributors are also installing smart meters and introducing Time-of-Use pricing rates in communities across Ontario. The smart metering initiative is a Government of Ontario initiative that will provide electricity consumers with the tools to better manage and monitor their electricity usage.

The EDA has published articles about the successful efforts of distributors in bringing conservation programming and green initiatives into their communities. Please review the below list to find out how Ontario’s distributors are leading the way in creating a culture of conservation among Ontarians and in building the sustainable communities of tomorrow.