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EDA Publications


We issue more than 100 editions of a diverse range of publications every year, in both print and digital formats. EDA publications range from an in-depth magazine, to direct-to-inbox updates on the latest industry developments, tailored to the needs of our membership.

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For the Public

The Distributor – EDA’s flagship publication is a full-colour magazine, distributed within our sector and among regulators and other influencers. Each issue tackles a timely theme relevant to the sector, overviewing industry perspectives and highlighting the actions and successes of our members. Also an excellent advertising vehicle for anyone doing business in the sector. (Published quarterly)

For our Members

EDA Weekly
– A regular electronic newsletter produced 51 times per year, providing trusted and value-added insight on the fast-paced regulatory and other developments impacting our members. The only publication of its kind focusing solely on Ontario’s electricity distribution sector.


EDA RapidSource – Our as-it-happens electronic newsletter, used to deliver breaking news and timing updates – ensuring our membership is always up-to-speed and ready to respond and engage as required.


CEO Update – Direct from the desk of the EDA President and CEO, this is a regular personal reflection on recent industry developments, EDA activities, and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


EDA Annual Reports – An overview of key actions and outcomes over the course of each year, with commentary from both the board chair and CEO, together with our audited financial statements.

EDA Broadcast Messages and Event E-blasts – Occasional electronic bulletins, typically focusing on EDA events, promotions and other aspects of association news and activities.