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Don’t be a victim of phone fraud

  • Ontario’s electricity customers are targets for phone scammers.
  • Electricity bill phone scams cost Ontarians over $280,000 annually.*
  • According to the RCMP, these scams are active in at least seven provinces and have targeted thousands of businesses.
  • These scammers tell you they’re from your local utility and use sophisticated software to show the utility’s name on your caller display.
  • They threaten to disconnect you if you don’t immediately pay by pre-paid credit card or wire transfer.
  • They target you when you’re most vulnerable, especially during holidays or peak business times.

Local Utilities Care About Your Security

  • Local utilities NEVER ask you to pay by pre-paid credit card or wire transfers over the phone.
  • Local utilities NEVER threaten to disconnect you right away.
  • When in doubt, call your utility and ask about their policy. They’re always available to answer your questions.

Protect Yourself

  • If someone calls and threatens to disconnect you if you don’t make a payment right away by pre-paid credit card or wire transfer, SAY NO and HANG UP!
  • NEVER give your personal or financial information.
  • Report the incident to your utility and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at
    1-888-495-8501. This agency collects information on fraud and works closely with police to solve these crimes.

*Figure is an estimate and extrapolated from data covering the City of Toronto.