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EDA Policy Papers and Reports

At EDA, we believe in looking at the big picture and long-term, and this is reflected in the scope and vision of our major reports and policy papers. You’ll find links to further context on and full copies of recent publications of this type below.

Power of Local Hydro Campaign Update Reports
The EDA is pleased to provide LDC members a weekly analysis and update on the campaign and top energy issues leading up to the June 7 provincial election. 

IESO Market Renewal Program (MRP) Update 
The EDA is pleased to provide a series of bi-weekly briefings by Power Advisory LLC (Power Advisory) on the IESO’s Market Renewal Program (MRP). This product is offered exclusively to the EDA LDC members as part of the suite of policy and government relations expertise provided by the association.

The Power to Connect: A Roadmap to a Brighter Ontario (February 2018)
Building upon our 2017 vision paper, Power to Connect: Advancing Customer-Driven Electricity Solutions for Ontario, this new paper identifies current challenges and barriers to the evolution of LDCs, through an assessment of current policy, legislation and regulations. The paper also outlines steps Ontario’s policymakers can take to best serve the interests of our evolving industry.

The Power to Connect: Advancing Customer-Driven Electricity Solutions for Ontario (February 2017)
The EDA's new vision paper, "The Power to Connect: Advancing Customer-Driven Electricity Solutions for Ontario," proposes a new way forward for Ontario's electricity system that recognizes consumers as drivers of change and places local utilities at the centre as they leverage new technologies to deliver high-quality electricity services. 

Project Green Light (March 2015)
An overview of the EDA’s proposal for re-structuring within Ontario’s distribution system, involving a transfer of provincially owned distribution assets to local distribution companies wishing to acquire them.

EDA Emergency Response Task Force Report (June 2014)
Recommendations for local distribution companies to consider in improving their preparedness for extreme weather events.

Efficient, Focused, Effective: Improving Safety Oversight for Electricity Distribution in Ontario (November 2012)
Opportunities to improve safety oversight while maintaining strong outcomes on a core value for electricity distributors.

The Power to Deliver: Recommendations for the Future of Electricity Distribution in Ontario (August 2012)
A comprehensive Six-Point Plan mapping a way forward for our sector – with major efficiencies achieved along the way.

Innovation from the Ground Up: Locally Driven Conservation (May 2012)
A call for innovation and local leadership to get to the next level of conservation success.

Electricity is the Answer: The EDA’s Road Map for Delivering Ontario’s Electric Future (November 2011)
A vision for stability, investment, efficiency and innovation in the sector.

The Case for Reform: How Regulatory Streamlining Could Benefit Ontario’s Electricity Consumer (July 2011)
Recommendations to streamline OEB rate setting and applications processes.