Policy and Government Affairs

Providing Advocacy Leadership for Ontario’s Electricity Distributors


A key EDA objective is to create and sustain a favorable policy and regulatory environment – favorable to the interests of our members, and ultimately of their customers, shareholders and communities.

Through our relationships with agencies, stakeholders and political decision-makers, we have established an effective and respected voice that gets heard when decisions affecting Ontario’s electricity distributors are being made.

EDA’s ongoing advocacy work builds upon broad member input and solid analysis, with the flexibility to respond to the often rapidly changing policy environment we operate in. We are engaged on a wide range of issues at any given time, informed by a continually updated and Board-approved listing of policy priorities.

You’ll find here our most significant recent EDA policy papers, some of which scope out broad visions for the future of our sector and Ontario’s electricity system. Members can also access a list of our current policy priorities, and a comprehensive collection of recent submissions on specific policy issues.