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May 10, 2017 - For Immediate Release

Ontario's First Online Electricity Customer Panel Set to Debut


The Electricity Distributors Association’s new Ontario Electricity Customer Panel ( will engage interested Ontario electricity customers in robust discussions on such issues as pricing, conservation, and local power generation.  

The Electricity Distributors Association (EDA) and its member local distribution companies have launched the Ontario Electricity Customer Panel. The initiative is a first-ever online opinion panel exclusively drawn from electricity customers in the province who have agreed to participate. The goal is to establish an online community so electricity customers can express their opinions on such public policies as pricing, conservation and local power generation.

“We know that customers use social media to voice opinions,” said Vinay Sharma, Chair of the EDA Board of Directors and President and CEO of London Hydro. “With the launch of the Ontario Electricity Customer Panel, for the first time in its history the electricity distribution sector will now have a means by which to gain a substantial sample size of data on customer opinions that may be of value to energy policy decision makers.”

Participants in the Ontario Electricity Customer Panel will be recruited from across the province.
Initially the EDA hopes to recruit six hundred participants and grow that number to up to two thousand over the next year.

Mr. Sharma said, “This online
customer panel enables in-depth discussions and information sharing with electricity customers. And, by sustaining these conversations over longer periods, we hope to see trends in how opinions shift in response to current events and policy changes.”

Electricity customers who are interested in participating in the panel can go to for more information and fill out a short questionnaire.

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