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August 30, 2018 - For Immediate Release

Ontario’s local hydro utilities smash provincial conservation goals

Mid-way through Ontario’s Conservation First Framework, hydro utilities at 69 per cent of target

TORONTO, August 30, 2018 The Electricity Distributors Association (EDA) applauds its members, Ontario’s local hydro utilities, on exceeding targets set out in the Government of Ontario’s 2015-2020 Conservation First Framework, which maps out the province’s energy conservation goals for this period. Just past the mid-way point, Ontario’s local electricity utilities have already hit 69 per cent of their overall target.

The Framework emphasizes coordinated efforts through all stages of energy planning, with the aim of reducing 8.7 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity consumption in Ontario by the end of 2020. Local hydro utilities are charged with the lion’s share of these reductions, carrying responsibility for 7 TWh of the total.

According to the province’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), the body that manages Ontario’s power grid, local hydro utilities achieved 1.8 TWh of energy savings in 2017, conservation’s best performing year. When combined with 2015-2016 results, these utilities have achieved 4.9 TWh of energy savings. Moreover, these results have been achieved at the lowest cost on record, between 2.5–3 cents a kilowatt hour.

“These mid-term results show positive progress in promoting a culture of conservation across the province,” said Brian Wilke, Chair of the EDA Board of Directors. “The IESO suggests these savings could power 500,000 homes in the province, a massive accomplishment.”

“These impressive figures demonstrate the strength of Ontario’s local electricity distributors in delivering on government commitments and serving customer needs,” said EDA President & CEO Teresa Sarkesian. “The EDA is working actively with the Ford Government to promote local hydro utilities as key players to deliver on conservation and demand management, not only within the current Framework but also well beyond 2020.”

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