Beyond providing a new way forward to advance customer-driven electricity solutions, the EDA’s “The Power to Connect” vision paper is also a source of inspiration to spark innovation.  

It gave us the perfect setting within which to launch a web page that celebrates the many current and future innovations delivered by our members – local utilities as well as commercial and affiliate businesses.

We hope you are as inspired by the content as we were in gathering it.

Journey into the future
Join us on the sector’s journey into the future by sharing your innovation success stories here with us. Contact us for more information.


1. The Power to Connect:
We’re getting Ontario’s electricity industry ready for tomorrow’s consumer. That’s EDA’s vision for advancing the electricity system. Our vision:

  • Places consumers at the centre as drivers of change 
  • Inspires new business models
  • Contributes to plans for cost-effective, high-quality electricity services

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Vision Paper
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Fact Sheet
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2. Stories of Innovation Success

Be inspired by our members’ leading-edge, innovative projects.   

...directly from Our Members

SmartMAP - a unique initiative by Essex Powerlines and Collus PowerStream that fuses different operating systems, allowing utility staff to perform tasks through one powerful application.

The Workshop - a dedicated space for employees at Greater Sudbury Utilities (GSU) to work on innovative team projects. It is designed to support staff creativity, grow GSU's companies and achieve efficiency and productivity.


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The Drive for Innovation: Technology and Ingenuity
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